RTE 1111 Patient Care, Law & Ethics

Course Description:
A blended course designed to provide an introduction to the principles and practices of patient care during radiographic examinations. Topics include medical ethics, legal issues, patient assessment & communication, patient care & safety, infection control, surgical asepsis, vital signs & oxygen administration, electrocardiography, medical emergencies, trauma & mobile considerations, the care of pediatric & geriatric patients, patient care during urologic & GI exams, & care of patients needing alternative treatments. This course is only open to students currently enrolled in the Radiography Program.

Methods of Instruction:
This two-credit course will involve both face-to-face & online activities designed to provide instruction & foster learning in the cognitive (i.e., mind based) & affective (i.e., value based) domains. The online component of this course includes presentations & Web links that provide the student with content. Assigned readings in the textbooks also provide content for each topic. The online discussion assignments were developed to provide the student with an opportunity to discuss legal, ethical, & procedural aspects related to patient care with fellow students & the instructor.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the course, the student shall be able to accurately describe:
  1. The basis of medical ethics and the elements of ethical behavior for radiographers.
  2. Legal issues surrounding the practice of radiography.
  3. Patient assessment & communication techniques.
  4. Patient care and safety procedures for patients undergoing radiographic examinations.
  5. Practices for infection control.
  6. Practices for surgical asepsis.
  7. Procedures for taking vital signs and administering oxygen.
  8. Procedures for electrocardiography.
  9. Procedures for dealing with medical emergencies.
  10. Procedures for dealing with trauma patients and those undergoing mobile radiographic examinations.
  11. Considerations for pediatric patients undergoing radiographic examinations.
  12. Considerations for geriatric patients undergoing radiographic examinations.
  13. The care to be provided for patients having studies of the urinary & gastrointestinal tracts.
  14. The care to be provided for patients having gastric tubes, central venous catheters, endotracheal tubes & tracheostomies, chest tubes, & tissue drains.
Course Requirements:

Course Materials:
Patients Care in Imaging Technology, Torres, Dutton, & Linn-Watson; Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

How to Complete the Course:
  • View 14 online Unit presentations.  
  • Participate in 3 online Discussion Assignments.
  • Participate in scheduled on-campus lecture sessions.  
  • Take 4 on-campus Unit Exams.
  • Take the on-campus Final Exam. 

How to Register for this Course:
You may register for this course through the main BC Website. Click on Classes/Courses & search within the term desired. You can also register at MyBC after you log in.

How to Access the Course:
Once the term/session has begun, you can log on following the instructions at the BConline login page. Please note that you must pay for the course before you will be able to access it in Desire2Learn (D2L).

Information Contact:
If you have further questions about the course, email Dr. Michael Giovanniello.

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