RTE 2130 Pharmacology & Venipuncture for Radiography

Course Description:
A blended course designed to provide a study of pharmacology & venipuncture related to the administration of drugs & contrast media for radiographic examinations. Topics include pharmacology principles, parenteral contrast media, drug administration, & venipuncture technique. This course is only open to students currently enrolled in the Radiography Program.

Methods of Instruction:
This one-credit course will involve both face-to-face & online activities designed to provide instruction & foster learning in the cognitive (i.e., mind based) & affective (i.e., value based) domains. The online component of this course includes presentations & Web links that provide the student with content. Assigned readings in the textbooks also provide content for each topic. The online discussion assignments were developed to provide the student with an opportunity to discuss legal, ethical, & procedural aspects related to pharmacology & venipuncture with fellow students & the instructor.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the course, the student shall be able to accurately describe:
  1. The principles of pharmacology as applied to the practice of radiography.
  2. The properties and use of parenteral contrast media in the practice of radiography.
  3. The methods and techniques for administering drugs and contrast media.
  4. The proper techniques for venipuncture.
 Course Requirements:

Course Materials:

Patient Care in Imaging Technology, Torres, Dutton, & Linn-Watson; Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

Textbook of Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy, Bontrager & Lampignano; Mosby.

How to Complete the Course:
  • View 4 online Unit presentations.  
  • Participate in 2 online Discussion Assignments.
  • Complete an online Drug Search Assignemnt.
  • Take the Drug Administration Quiz Assignment.
  • Participate in scheduled on-campus lecture sessions.  
  • Take 2 on-campus Unit Exams.
  • Take the on-campus Final Exam. 

How to Register for this Course:
You may register for this course through the main BC Website. Click on Classes/Courses & search within the term desired. You can also register at MyBC after you log in.

How to Access the Course:
Once the term/session has begun, you can log on following the instructions at the BConline login page. Please note that you must pay for the course before you will be able to access it in Desire2Learn (D2L).

Information Contact:
If you have further questions about the course, email Dr. Michael Giovanniello.

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